Utilize the 1000s of CUDA cores on NVIDIA's Quadro GPUs to maximize productivity and exponentially reduce calculation times on GPU enabled applications like Deep Learning and AI. a-X – AMD Threadripper Workstation for CPU and GPU Rendering, a-X2 | AMD Dual EPYC Workstation, Up To 128 Cores, a-X1 | AMD EPYC Workstation PC, Up To 64 Cores. The AMD EPYC system on chip delivers 122 percent better memory bandwidth, 60 percent more I/O and 45 percent more cores than the competitor to power core heavy applications. But for now there is a GIGABYTE server ready for all 1st and 2nd gen AMD EPYC processors. Visit AMD! These processors were made to work in tough cloud and datacenter conditions, but we’ve discovered that they are also “EPYC” in a desktop workstation. Phone: (804) 419-0900 Mon-Fri (Support: 11-8, Sales:9-6 EST). This highly specialized system is designed for multi-threaded, CPU intensive tasks and vastly configurable to meet the specific needs of your workflow. Introducing the Third Wave of Workstation … LAN Speed 1‎Gb/s. All rights reserved. Used by Ivy League Universities and Fortune 100 companies across North America. Sort by: Popularity Name Price. Customize your ProMagix™ HD360A Epyc Workstation This one-of-a-kind workstation utilizes AMD's Eypc Rome platform and new 7nm Infinity Architecture to create the highest CPU core count possible on a desktop. Epyc is a brand of x86-64 microprocessors designed and sold by AMD, based on the company's Zen microarchitecture.Introduced in June 2017, they are specifically targeted for the server and embedded system markets. And when 3rd Gen does come out, GIGABYTE will have fast TTM. Our popular a-X Threadripper workstation features the new 3rd Gen Threadripper CPU, the first HEDT (High End Desktop) CPU to offer ECC RAM support for stability. AMD EPYC™ based workstations are extremely powerful systems for CPU tasks and therefore, if you are performing CPU based renders, simulations or hosting virtual machines then you may wish to configure your systems with a single low-end graphics card to get the most out of your budget. Before shipping, the ProMagix™ HD360A endures a grueling set of tests and quality control measures that would bring most systems to their knees. The tide has turned. It’s like having your own personal geek, just a phone call away. Velocity Micro | 500 Southlake Blvd., Richmond, VA 23236 © 2020 Velocity Holdings, LLC. The HD360A was specially designed by our expert engineering team to uniquely merge aesthetics and function to create a classic look that fits any décor. Groundbreaking design makes AMD EPYC™ #1 in performance across industry standard benchmarks. AMD is first to market an x86 processor based on 7nm technology. Nothing is stopping you from buying an Epyc CPU and server motherboard, installing Windows 10 Pro, a nVidia/AMD non-pro card and using it as a workstation/gaming pc. With Velocity Micro, we only install what you ask us for, and not a thing more. It costs us more, but we refuse to let anything get in the way of an astonishing customer experience. Configurable with multiple rads up to 360mm as well as custom loops. Built using the latest EPYC Rome technology from AMD, there has never been a single-socket solution that can scale to this many cores and threads, using so little power at such an … Since our first review in 2002, no PC manufacturer has won more awards from the press than has Velocity Micro. The W375 packs not one, but TWO AMD EPYC Rome CPUs. Dell EMC and AMD worked together to address the requirements of a multi-cloud world. Compatible with E-ATX and dual socket motherboards. The end result: seamless performance all the time, every time. It’s just that simple. Configure with up to 128 Cores and 2TB RAM for stable, render farm power in a rugged, mobile form factor. 84TB Storage. Our EPYC workstation models feature up to 128 cores (a-X2), up to 512MB combined cache for rapid access to large media or data files, and a CPU … We don’t outsource. AMD’s EPYC processor has made it into servers and supercomputers, yet it still has to find its place inside workstations. We’re obsessed with perfection – there are no assembly lines here. With Quadro, Geforce, and Radeon Pro graphics options with up to 24GB of dedicated video RAM, you'll tear through video and 3D projects at resolutions up to and including 4K. The a-X2 is designed for maximum workstation compute capabilities with CPU-centric workloads in a single node.Two PCI-E 3.0 x16 and three PCI-E 3.0 x8 slots are available for GPUs, SAS, Blackmagic or other i/o needs. Bardel Entertainment employed AMD EPYC™ processors to obtain more dependable render times taking half as long as its previous Intel servers when outputting TV animated series. By clicking OK, you consent to the use of cookies. Like with every workstation we build, we use only the very best professional grade parts in the HD360A for superior performance, reliability, and longevity. W hether they are a professional running a workstation-class design application or support sta ff using Microsoft Office 365, all users receive the performance and reliability of 2 nd Gen AMD EPYC processors and … If you’ve ever bought a computer from the behemoth, mass produced competition, you know bloatware. The CyberStation AMD Single Processor EPYC Workstation is a High Performance Workstations Midi Tower workstation with 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16, 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x8 expansion slots and 1TB memory As with all Velocity Micro PCs, each ProMagix™ HD360A is hand built by expert engineers, meaning every screw is turned by hand and each cable is clipped and tucked away with care. And the best part – a call placed to our expert, non-tiered support team will never be routed anywhere offshore. We now have Licenseageddon Rages as VMware Overhauls Per-Socket Licensing along with other per-core licensing schemes in the market. Featured in CNET, PC Magazine, PC Gamer, Maximum PC and many more, the HD360A continues to be lauded by reviewers and customers alike for its performance, build quality, and stunning design. And there are more servers to come. Learn More. Featuring up to 128 physical cores and 256 threads, this workstation is optimal for engineers, artists, designers, scientists, … Stress tests, extensive reboots, an overnight burn in, and an exhaustive 200-point QA checklist ensure that every ProMagix™ HD360A meets our own lofty standards. Titan W375 - Dual AMD EPYC Rome 7002 Series - Scientific Research Workstation PC up to 128 cores Many workstations here at Titan Computers can be described as “Epic” but only a select few are EPYC. AMD Expands EPYC Lineup with 64-Core EPYC 7662 & Large Cache EPYC 7532 CPUs. But no one ever said that creating something this remarkable would be easy... Every Velocity Micro PC comes with complimentary lifetime business hours phone support. Performance you can count on to propel your modern data center workloads. Maximum, simple connectivity with top mounted dual USB 3.0 ports and USB Type-C along with microphone and headphone jacks. Many workstations here at Titan Computers can be described as “Epic” but only a select few are EPYC. Our AMD workstation solutions, specifically Threadripper workstations and EPYC workstations, now frequently outperform their Intel rivals. The a-X2P is our dual AMD EPYC portable workstation. Security. Shop AMD Workstations ideal for Media & Entertainment, Software & Sciences, Product Design & Manufacturing and Architecture & Engineering use cases! The W375 packs not one, but TWO AMD EPYC CPUs. With double the core density and optimizations that improve instructions per cycle, the result is 4x the Floating-Point performance of 1st Gen AMD EPYC™. Our expert team will recommend the GPU that's right for your use case and budget. Most of GIGABYTE EPYC platforms, including R , H, G, S, W series are released with Naples (1st Gen) and Rome (2nd Gen). Customize. Delivering high core count, huge memory capacity, extreme memory bandwidth and massive I/O throughput. Introducing the dual AMD® Epyc™ CPU ProMagix HD360A workstation. This website uses cookies. Something that is important and non-trivial is that the AMD EPYC 7H12 may be too much processor for modern systems. Number of DIMM Slots 3‎2. The high frequency of the Threadripper CPUs, along with more modest cost compared to our EPYC workstation solutions, make the a-X Mediaworkstation an excellent solution when a RAM ceiling of 256GB meets your needs or you want more than 2 GPUs onboard. AMD EPYC Rome in (Deep) Mini-ITX? With up to 64 physical cores per chip (128 cores total), your CPU reliant applications will complete in a fraction of the time, increasing your overall productivity. The server features a single socket AMD EPYC platform with an enormous capacity for high-speed networking, NVMe storage, memory capacity, cores counts, and just about every other aspect that makes a … Learn more about the Lenovo P620 workstation powered by AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO Processors. 8 total PCIe expansion slots leave room for multiple dual width cards and PCIe add ins. These processors were made to work in tough cloud and data center conditions, but we’ve discovered that they are also “EPYC” in a desktop workstation. The Dell EMC PowerEdge R7415 is an insanely good server. Able to hold up to nine SATA hard drives, the ZX is in a class by itself. CPU AMD EPYC 7001 or AMD EPYC 7002. Optimised for CFD and FEA simulation and analysis workloads, the HyperStation WSE-W9 is a near-silent workstation, built around a single socket AMD EPYC ROME 16 core processor. AMD EPYC™ 7002 DP Server System - 1U 10-Bay Gen4 NVMe. Supermicro's latest range of H12 Generation A+ Systems and Building Block Solutions® optimized for the AMD EPYC™ 7002 series processors offer new levels of application-optimized performance per watt and per dollar, that deliver outstanding core density, superior memory bandwidth, and unparalleled I/O capacity. Our AMD workstation selection includes the a-X1 single EPYC workstation and a-X2 dual EPYC workstation, along with our very popular a-X Threadripper workstation. Performance. 32 DIMM and 16 DDR4 Channels for best-in-class memory bandwidth and capacity, 3 x PCI-E Gen3 Expansion Slots and ASUS … ’Hardened at the Core’ protection helps defend against side-channel attacks and EPYC's secure encrypted virtualization features help keep … Introducing the dual AMD® Epyc™ CPU ProMagix HD360A workstation. Maintenance-free liquid cooler with rear mounted PSU makes this our most efficient desktop to date, able to keep even the highest-end processor stable under load. But if you are wondering about a motherboard that will be designed and directed to workstations instead of servers, I 99.99% doubt it. ECC Memory features an extra chip module designed to detect and correct errors and data corruption, eliminating freeze or crash errors sometimes caused by standard memory. Free trials you don’t want, software you didn’t ask for, search bars you’ll never use – all choking your system. The AMD EPYC™ Embedded 7002 processor family combines the groundbreaking 2nd Gen AMD EPYC performance with extended availability * and embedded-market-focused features such as Non-Transparent Bridging (NTB) and NVMe™ Hot Plug. The end result is better airflow and thermal properties, translating into a more stable, longer lasting PC that’s easier to service and upgrade. We don’t compromise. The W375 … Raised motherboard plate with cable routing make for our most immaculate cable routing ever. BIZON Workstations featuring AMD EPYC 7000-Series Processors. ASRock Rack's New ROMED4ID-2T by Gavin Bonshor on November 26, 2020 9:30 AM EST. We don’t cut corners. Our EPYC workstation models feature up to 128 cores (a-X2), up to 512MB combined cache for rapid access to large media or data files, and a CPU architecture which supports ECC RAM for 24/7 stability. View as: BIZON X6000 – Dual AMD EPYC 7000-Series CPUs – Scientific Research an Rendering Workstation PC – Up to 3 GPU, Up to 128 Cores CPU. Our a-X1 EPYC workstation offers up to 64 cores and 256MB cache with ECC support. Many workstations here at Titan Computers can be described as “Epic” but only a select few are EPYC. Whether rendering massive models and scenes or crunching through data sets, our AMD workstation solutions are the most powerful available for fully multi-threaded workflows. Other segments focus on memory … AMD EPYC Solutions offer leadership performance across a wide span of HPC applications. Each and every Velocity Micro PC ships from and is supported by our Richmond, VA headquarters. By placing dual Epyc processors in a desktop form factor with full Windows 10 support, this system puts our engineering prowess on display unlike any other. Also ideal for many single precision calculations such as AI and machine learning. Featuring up to 128 physical cores and 256 threads, this workstation is optimal for engineers, artists, designers, scientists, video professionals, machine learning, and any other applications that utilize CPU cores for rendering or calculation. Up to 128 AMD EPYC CPU Cores, 248 threads. 2TB ECC RAM. Flexibility. Experience the new generation of performance and efficiency with the ASUS RS700A-E9 AMD EPYC Server, featuring up to 64 cores per CPU and up to 128 threads in a single 1U server. Form Factor 1‎U. Starting at $4,690 In Stock. Let this one of a kind Dual Epyc Workstation take your creation or your research to new levels. The Titan S275 is a rack-mountable workstation that benefits from the ongoing revolution in CPU performance, price and power consumption. We don’t do it, and we never will. AMD powered Amazon EC2 G4ad instances offer developers, designers, and engineers a workstation-class experience, remotely. Dell EMC realized that the 2nd Generation AMD EPYC™ processors offered outstanding performance, fast memory and I/O bandwidth and the security features to handle complex workloads. Sure, it’s more work. Not ever. If you think the a-XP with a Threadripper was an impressive machine, Mediaworkstations' mobile portable EPYC workstations will take your breath away. Would 2P EPYC workstation with a Radeon Pro GPU be a good option for a workstation to do Autodesk Maya, Blender, Pov-Ray, etc? Bottom and top mounted fans pull air through the system to keep vital components cool, even under the heaviest of workloads. Fully configurable with Quadro, Geforce, or Radeon Pro graphics depending on your specific use case. In fact, it may be the best single socket server on the planet. Epyc processors share the same microarchitecture as their regular desktop-grade counterparts, but have … Our AMD workstation selection includes the a-X1 single EPYC workstation and a-X2 dual EPYC workstation, along with our very popular a-X Threadripper workstation.

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