Stattdessen wird innerhalb der jeweiligen Gruppe gerankt – teilweise nach Leistung, teilweise nach den angegebenen Beweggründen für die Studienbewerbung. applicants who want to pursue a second undergraduate university degree, Eight percent of available places are reserved for, Eight percent of available places are given to applicants who have, The grade of the higher education entrance qualification is of no relevance for applicants who fall under the, Different regulations and another quota (three percent) apply to, One percent of available places is given to applicants whose sponsorship is deemed as of public interest and who are, due to special circumstances, bound to a certain location, such as applicants who belong to one of the German Olympic Sports Confederation’s athletic squads at one of the Olympic training centers in Berlin of Brandenburg. Zusätzlich wurde an der FU Berlin bei der Vergabe von 60% der Studienplätze in Tiermedizin auch die Vergabe nach dem Auswahlverfahren der Hochschule angewandt. Applicants with a foreign higher education entrance qualification (regardless of their citizenship) have to apply through uni-assist (in Berlin). h�bbd``b`�$f �F7H O��?�xb� �� �* ��$U�DE3#_(�Fr���վ '� , In this segment, points are awarded for each of the three selection criteria described below, which are then used to calculate a point total following a mathematical formula: Applicants are admitted based on a point total calculated based on the existing selection criteria. Auf der folgenden Seite lassen haben wir alle aktuell erfassten Grenzwerte zusammengefasst: Übersicht der NC-Werte für den Studiengang Biologie » Bewerbung um einen Studienplatz an der FU Berlin. In case applicants have accumulated an equal amount of wait semesters, §16 of the Berlin Higher Education Admission Act specifies how to proceed. 3810 0 obj <>stream In order to provide a high level of education, institutions of higher education need to make sure that they possess the necessary capacities (faculty and staff, rooms and facilities, financial resources). Ihr Portal rund um das Thema. 3796 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2D22CDECD6D4C14DB75A0225EF3A6E96>]/Index[3782 29]/Info 3781 0 R/Length 79/Prev 1248487/Root 3783 0 R/Size 3811/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Es steht dabei, dass 2 Wartesemester bei 1,8 angedacht sind. Applications for a small number of study programs also have to go through the Dialogue-oriented Service Procedure (DOSV). Applicants can improve their chances of admission by meeting these requirements, but doing so is not a prerequisite for submission of an application. Bitte nutzen Sie die Möglichkeit der E-Mail-Beratung erst, nachdem Sie das Infoblatt gelesen haben. Informationen zum neuartigen Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) und dem Hochschulbetrieb. Die Freie Universität zählt zu den elf deutschen Hochschulen, die 2012 in der Exzellenzinitiative des Bundes und der Länder in allen drei Förderlinien erfolgreich abgeschnitten haben. A student cannot enroll in a combination bachelor’s degree program until the combination of the core subject and module(s) is complete, meaning that the student has been accepted into both the core subject and the module(s). Advanced quotas apply to the following groups of applicants: Applicants who have received an offer for admission in an earlier semester but were unable to accept it due to some form of service are also given preferential admission since their service should not be an impediment to their educational career. Startseite; Studium und Lehre; Bachelor FU Berlin - Ich sehe, dass für den Master in Politischer Kommunikation ein NC von 1,6 verlangt wird. %PDF-1.7 %���� Für die Vollständigkeit und Richtigkeit dieser Informationen kann zurzeit keine Gewähr übernommen werden. The most widely held misconception about this practice is that the required grades are set in advance. Like other institutions of higher education in the region that receive a high number applications each year, Freie Universität Berlin has implemented admission limits (Numerus Clausus) for a number of undergraduate degree programs (e.g. nach Note: 1,1 DN(0 WS) nach Wartezeit: 10 WS(3,6) Bochum Psychologie NC. Das Studium "Psychologie" an der staatlichen "FU Berlin" hat eine Regelstudienzeit von 6 Semestern und endet mit dem Abschluss "Bachelor of Science". Informationen zum Bewerbungsverfahren, zu möglichen Fächerkombinationen und zum Numerus Clausus (NC) sind auf den zentralen Studiumseiten der Freien Universität Berlin zu finden. Sie bietet an zwölf Fachbereichen und drei Zentralinstituten mehr als 150 Studiengänge an. %%EOF Bachelo… To see whether a study program has restricted admission, look out for the phrase “lokale Zulassungsbeschränkung (local admission restriction)” in the program description. Bewerbungen für die Betreuung von Bachelorarbeiten zum Sommersemester 2020 ... Pfadnavigation. In order for everyone to be able to study their desired subject, all applicants shall have the chance to be admitted through wait time. Zentrale Corona Informationsseite der FU Berlin (FAQ) Prüfungen und Modulanmeldungen Zu diesem Zeitpunkt ist noch nicht absehbar, wie die Prüfungen des Wintersemesters 2020/21 im Frühjahr 2021 abgehalten werden können. The three main quotas are important for German and EU applicants and applicants who have acquired their higher education entrance qualification in Germany, regardless of their citizenship (Bildungsinländer), and apply to both the university’s internal admission procedure and Child care (under the age of 18) or care of another dependent relative. In the state of Berlin, the total amount of possible placements into the first subject-specific semester of a program for which the respective university itself decides over admission is calculated using the following quotas: There are three main quotas and several advanced quotas. If applicants entered in the Nachrückverfahren then also do not accept their admission, leaving placements still available, those spots are finally awarded by lottery to applicants who have submitted a lottery application in due time prior to the start of the semester. The remaining 60% – the majority – of the available study places are filled following criteria set by the universities themselves (Auswahlverfahren der Hochschulen/AdH quota). Bitte informieren Sie sich hier wie die Messzahl für Zweitstudium ermittelt wird. An applicant’s average Abitur grade is not affected by either the number of applications or the wait time. The legal basis for this procedure is §6 of the Higher Education Admission Act, and it applies to all of Freie Universität’s study programs with the exception of pharmacy and veterinary medicine since admission for both is managed by Applicants who have not initially been admitted to their desired study program may be successful after all via the Nachrückverfahren, the process used by the university to fill vacancies with replacement candidates. Like other institutions of higher education in the region that receive a high number applications each year, Freie Universität Berlin has implemented admission limits (Numerus Clausus) for a number of undergraduate degree programs (e.g. Mit Erfahrungsberichten, NC-Liste und zulassungsfreien Studiengängen. The programs for medicine and dentistry are no longer affiliated with Freie Universität Berlin, but are part of Charité University Medicine Berlin (a joint institution of Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin). In order to provide a high level of education, institutions of higher education need to make sure that they possess the necessary capacities (faculty and staff, rooms and facilities, financial resources). E-Mail: Therefore, around twenty percent of study places are to be filled with applicants with the highest amount of wait semesters. For combination bachelor’s degree programs, however, students can only enroll if they have been admitted to a complete combination (including admission via lottery), as mentioned above. Zulassungschancen (NC), Bewerbung, Immatrikulation etc. Instead, the only figure set in advance is the number of available study placements. In den Vorabquoten werden unterschiedliche Auswahlkriterien angewandt, die in den entsprechenden Überschriften in der NC-Tabelle vermerkt sind. Lottery applications for these kinds of placements, whether they have become available again or are still available, can also be submitted if the student is already enrolled, if his or her application has been denied, or if the student has never applied before. Alles zur Freie Universität Berlin und ihren 220 Studiengängen. �@��5}aۅ�sTs�y��w�[C�k�3�b�)��L�+�N�r>�*a`�Tr�by�������Â�ܢ-sjD�����i��A�-��t>7BȭB�ҁ[t}�"����c?!�i;vH{����m�-r�.$O�Nf�dܲ:o٩W�*�. Berlin (FU) Psychologie NC. E-Mail: Sprechzeiten: Mo.- NC-Tabellen Master, weiterführendes Studium . WS + SS NC 18, 6 davon möglichst vor Studienstart Mathematik B.Sc. Every semester that the applicant was enrolled at an institution of higher education within the EU (and Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway) will be subtracted. Welche Kriterien im Auswahlverfahren benutzt werden, ist nicht einheitlich geregelt und unterscheidete sich teilweise sogar innerhalb einer Hochschule von Studiengang zu Studiengang. Allgemeine Hinweise zum Numerus Clausus und Zulassungsverfahren an der FU Berlin NC-Liste Bachelor/Kernfächer ( pdf-Datei ); NC-Liste Bachelor/Modulangebote ( pdf-Datei ) Vergabe von Studienplätzen: Zugangssatzung für die Bachelorstudiengänge des Fachbereichs Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften ( pdf-Datei ) Mit Erfahrungsberichten, NC-Liste und zulassungsfreien Studiengängen. Overview of admission limits for Bachelor’s programs/separate modules, undergraduate programs. Viele Studiengänge der TU Berlin sind zulassungsbeschränkt, sie haben einen so genannten Numerus Clausus (NC). The grade limits published in the "NC table" always refer to past processes, never to future ones. Bonn Psychologie NC. Exceptions are the pharmacy and veterinary medicine programs, which are currently the only FU study programs for which (located in Dortmund) processes applications. applicants with the best higher education entrance qualification grades, and Wartezeitquote, applicants with the highest amount of accumulated wait semesters. After subtracting the places reserved for the advanced quota groups, twenty percent of the available places are for applicants with the highest higher education entrance qualification grade. Before applying to study at Freie Universität Berlin, prospective students should obtain detailed information on the language skills that may be required. Bitte beachte, dass die Werte für den Numerus Clausus und die Wartesemester in jedem Bewerbungsverfahren neu ermittelt werden. The lower the point total, the better the applicant’s ranking. Bachelor’s programs). Maschinenbau B.Sc. There are a number of particularly stubborn rumors surrounding the Numerus Clausus, or limited admissions policy. Mit Erfahrungsberichten, NC-Liste und zulassungsfreien Studiengängen. For additional information, go to admission regulations at Freie Universität Berlin and look for the version that applies to your application.

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