View PDF File The mission of National Council for the Social Studies is to advocate and build capacity for high-quality social studies … I have found many great resources on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. Teaching Resources for the 2020 US Election Facing History's US election-season resources were designed and curated to help students think critically about the role of elections, voting, and civic participation in creating and sustaining a just and healthy democracy. KERA Education Resources: How To Engage With The 2020 Elections The 2020 elections will have long-lasting effects at the national, state and local levels. This election has been shaped by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic: unprecedented numbers of voters chose to vote early or vote by mail, and counting absentee ballots meant the results of the election were not projected until several days after Election Day. They are suitable for secondary Students. Teachers can engage students in “thinking politically” this election season with these valuable teaching suggestions and best practices. Election 2020 – 11 Ways to Engage Students From Now Until November: The New York Times provides eleven ways for educators to engage students from now until the presidential election. There is a glossary of bolded words from the text, so I wanted a way for my kids to be able to keep track of their definitions. 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION SITE - MENU . Lesson Plans. Crime & Justice Domestic Policy Economy Education Elections Environment Foreign Policy Healthcare Immigration LGBTQ+ ; RECOMMENDED . Free Resources for Teaching the Presidential Election While I have provided a ton of information and activities in the resource, I wanted to add just a bit more. Bring the 2020 Presidential Election into your classroom with this comprehensive print AND digital elections and voting resource. Using the resources below educators will be able to teach them about the presidential election as the process progresses! Relevant issues in the 2020 Presidential Election include the economy, health care, Supreme Court appointments, and COVID-19, to name a few. Looking for classroom resources for the 2020 elections? They feature different activities including knowledge retrieval practice, Multiple Choice and spot the political mistakes amongst other politics related activities. After weeks of absentee and early voting, the US electorate finished casting their ballots for the next president on November 3, 2020. Tied 2 Teaching has some really good teaching tools. A democracy is built upon elections! Compare Candidate Positions Side-by-Side; ISSUES AND CANDIDATE STATEMENTS . Presidential Election 2020 and 3 Branches of Government Bundle by Tied 2 Teaching. The presidential election process, elections and voting, and presidential eligibility and responsibilities are all concepts children have a hard time grasping. These 24 US ELECTION - US Presidential election 2020 task cards are perfect for your Politics lesson plans and topic. Use these lessons, printables, and activities on the electoral process to teach your students about politics, history, voting, and civil rights. Scholastic has an easy-to-understand resource full of election 36 Top Presidential Election 2020 Teaching Resources. Whether you're focused on the Presidential election or local elections, we have resources to help your students understand the basics. Quiz - Find Your Candidate Match! To help North Texas teachers, students and voters understand some key processes and issues, KERA commissioned a Dallas history teacher to create the downloadable lessons below. Obviously, it isn’t easy to make all issues relevant to students. 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION SITE - HOME ; GET STARTED . The Presidential Election 2020 and 3 Branches of Government Bundle is perfect for tweens, and is only $7.00! Explore more than 36 'Presidential Election 2020' resources for teachers, parents, and students. Check out these 7 videos on key issues like political parties, voting rights, media bias and the importance of local & state elections.

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